Three Section Staff

Three Section Staff made of Wax wood

The Three-Section Staff Staff constructed of weight wax wood.

This weapon consist of three sections linked together with chains, and is used with both hands.

The middle section is slightly longer than the two end sections.

The Three Section Staff is classified as a soft weapon, one which is jointed or easily bent. Most soft weapons are used as secondary weapons and employed only when the main weapon is disabled or lost. Because of their flexibility, they are easily hidden, commonly fastened to the back, the waist, or the arm and do not interfere with mobility during combat.

This light weight weapon is great for fast Wushu or other Competition routines.

* Made from white Waxwood.

Comes - Length 73.5 in. or 82 in - Weight 1.9 lb (either thinner or Thicker) 

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