Traditional Stainless Steel Kwandao - Two Piece

Approximately 84 in. overall length. (2 Piece Kwan Dao) Approximate weight 8 lbs.

Traditional Stainless Steel Kwandao (Guandao) (Blade is Firm)

One of the traditional long weapons of Chinese martial arts, this kwandao is made from 100% high quality stainless steel, with brass colored decorative accent.

* This weapon disassembles into two pieces with a threaded section in the middle, which makes it much easier to travel with. This feature in no way compromises the strength and usability of this weapon. 

  • Total length - 82.5 inch
  • Blade section length - 39 inch
  • Blade length - 22 inch
  • Shaft section length - 43 inch
  • Overall shaft length - 55 inch
  • Blade width -  6 inch at widest point
  • Assembled weight - 7.6 lbs.

This weapon is highly recommended for our international customers who wish to purchase a kwan dao, as the disassembled weapon saves on shipping costs.

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