Traditional (Wushu) Southern Cudgel

Traditional (Wushu) Southern Cudgel

Product Description:

Flexible for traditional wushu training. Tapper wood, thinner on top. The cudgel or wooden stick is called the "father of all weapons" meaning all other weapons were developed from it.

* Among the most commonly used are chopping, swinging, jabbing, hanging, jumping, leaping, smashing, pointing, blocking, sheltering, holding, piercing, floating, carrying, poking, and lifting.

* The different schools of cudgel play have different emphasis. Cudgel is played as quickly as heavy rainfall and cudgel play combines offence with defense, always changing the ways of play.

* The Shaolin cudgel is made up of a white wax wood. That only grows in Northern China. This wood is used because of the flexibility and spring-like quality.


  • Top diameter is 1 inch
  • Bottom diameter is 1.6-1.8 inches
  • Weighs about 2.4 pounds
  • Length:  72 in., 74 in., 78 in., 84 in.
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