Traditional Yang Straight Sword -DVD

Traditional Yang Family Straight Sword- DVD

Product Description:   (Difficulty: Beginner through Advanced Levels)

* This Video is available on Digital Streaming directly to you -Only Price $20.00

* Yang Style Straight Sword is one of the most popular routines practiced in China. 

This is the original traditional form created by the Yang Family, who refined upon the proceeding Chen Family forms to show the unique characteristics of this   later, further developed style.

* Master Smith shares his expertise, teaching you with references from the instructional videos of Li Deyin, Yang Zhenduo, and Fu Zhengwen. They are all the top representatives of Yang Style Tai Chi Sword.

* Master Smith will Detailed instructions in English.

***  NEW:   Now Available on Digital Download (directly to you)

You can Play it on any screen Device (such as celll phones, Ipad, etc)

* Master Smith is available seminar(s) Contact: 610-631-9200

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