Wolf Teeth Club

Wolf Teeth Club -brutal and intimidating as the Wolf Teeth

Wolf Teeth Club (Awesome weapon)

No other weapon looks as brutal and intimidating as the Wolf Teeth Club. Also called wolf tooth club, this weapon is known to be traditionally used in Xingji and Baji styles.

* This Wolf Teeth Mace features a black steel head with 33 rough two inch long teeth.

The shaft of the mace is also metal, painted a deep earth color.

* This is a heavy weight weapon for the true traditional martial artist.

* The Wolf Teeth Mace also looks impressive as a decoation in your home or any martial arts school.

  • Head length - 12 inch, including top spike
  • Head diameter - 4 inch
  • Overall lenght - 75 inch
  • Total weight - 8.2 lbs