Shang Xingyi Quan Twelve style Quan DVD

This DVD (Video) Shang Xingyi Quan master Li Wenbin demonstrates and explains the Shang Xingyi Quan Twelve Style Boxing techniques and form.

Shang Xingyi Quan Twelve styel Quan-Xingyi Quan is one kind of the traditional Chinese excellent wushu and it gains wide popularity of the wushu lovers home and abroad, Li Wenbin one of the top ten wushu master of China, practiced wushu from very young age, and he was the last disciple of chang yuanxiang, a great master of xingyiquan.

He has deep study and understanding of the aessence of thexingyiquan, Li Hong the son of Li wenbin, is the second headmaster of shang style xingyi quan, national first class judge of wushu and the seventh dan of Chineses wushu. Xingyi Twelve style quan derived from xingyi quan(xingyi liuhe quan) with 10 big forms as dragon, monkey, horse, cock, swallow, sparrow, hawk, snake, eagle and bear.

It was passed down by Dai Longbang, The originator of xingyi quan, Li Luoneng added crocodile style and falcon style to create xingyi quan and made it like xingyi quan, but they are different in many theories and xingyi quan is more complete in combat skills. Chinese (mandarin) with subtitles in English and Chinese.

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