Zhan Guo Jian Sword

Zhan Guo Jian -Straight Sword- * The Real Deal

Product Description:   Awesome Blade - The Real Deal

Zhan Guo Sword (The Warring States Sword--403-211 B.C.)

* This is a high quality, very good balanced straight sword for all styles. the blade is made of middle weight Steel Spring steel,it is not too heavy like COMBAT STEEL, and is not to light like WUSHU(FLEXIBLE) STEEL. (This is a Traditional Blade).

It's is a well balance sword. The balancing point is about 2 inches form the hand guard. the handle is made of wood with grip. the scabbard is made of foil wood. the length of the blade is 30 in., the handle is 8 in..

Plus: A blue canvas carrying case comes with it.